Professionalization and performance improvement in indirect purchasing

Indirect purchasing in manufacturing companies generally makes up a share of more than 20 per cent of total costs, and this is even higher in the services sector and public sector. A ten per cent cost reduction in indirect purchasing provides an average increase in profit of around 1.3 per cent. To increase profit by this amount, sales would have to increase by ten per cent. 

Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement is revolutionising purchasing optimisation, as projects are started with standardised and specific purchasing conditions. Kerkhoff’s own purchasing unit takes care of your strategic procurement through implementation of efficient processes to boost your bottom line. Less maverick buying means more compliant behaviour of your purchasing department. We guarantee best prices through virtual pooling of company-wide procurement volumes, ensuring in this way sustainable and favourable purchasing conditions in the long term.

Benefits for our customers:

  • Digitisation and automation
  • Best price guarantee
  • Elimination of maverick buying and reliable compliance through transparent order processes
  • Almost instant increase in profits


Continuous, transparent and contract-compliant purchases through complete automation. Appreciable increase in efficiency thanks to optimised procurement processes.

Continuous automation
Central access to the OpusCapita e-Procurement system for confirmation of purchase order references and applicable conditions.

Maverick Buying
Constant comparison of requirements, order and invoiced quantity by Kerkhoff, with identification and elimination of non-compliant procurement processes.

Indirect purchasing – Product group examples

Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement optimises all your indirect purchasing requirements. We are your partner for effective cost optimisation and efficiency improvements.

These are the 16 core product groups in our matrix. 

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