Cooperation between Kerkhoff Negotiations and negotiation expert Matthias Schranner

Düsseldorf/Zurich, 6th February 2019 - Kerkhoff Negotiations and Schranner AG agree to an exclusive partnership. The focus of this cooperation will be to develop solutions for complex, high-volume procurement negotiations.

Professional negotiator with FBI experience

Matthias Schranner has been trained for the most difficult in negotiation scenarios by both police and FBI and has negotiated with hostage-takers and kidnappers in the past. Now, as CEO of the Schranner AG in Zürich, Schranner prepares global businesses and political parties for difficult negotiations and is considered a leading negotiation expert.

Together, strategic solutions are now being developed, which will ensure clean, compliance-secure negotiations through systematic processes. Classic approaches, such as the Harvard method, which focus on resolving conflict situations by means of establishing a win-win result, are set aside. Rather, the main aim here is to remove the emotion-led aspect of the negotiation process by deploying trained, professional negotiating teams.

Strategy instead of intuition

“In highly-competitive markets in particular, it is crucial to move away from purely situational approaches to negotiation. The art lies in being able to sit at the negotiation table, lead the negotiation and have a team member leading strategically, focusing on the bigger picture. Strategy rather than intuition is the key word here,” explains Gerd Kerkhoff, Managing Director of the Kerkhoff Group. “New negotiating strategies are required due to the increasing transparency in global markets. However, human beings remain at the centre of negotiations. They influence the success or failure of any negotiation process. A decisive factor in all of this is a rigorously conducted negotiation process, which must always take place within a pre-agreed strategy framework,” states Matthias Schranner, CEO Schranner Negotiation Institute.

Author: Dörte Neitzel
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